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Life is about more than just getting by. We are all connected; nothing happens in a vacuum. Mind to body, person to person, human to natural world, we are integrated. That is the foundation upon which Gin builds her yoga practice. Through yoga, she believes, we can maximize our lives, connecting fluidly our physical and mental selves, unlocking joy and love. In doing so on a personal level, we can all interact more wisely with the world. That is the key to a more balanced, healthier world, and yoga is a central choice we can all make to be part of that.

Likewise, yoga is about more than just poses and breaths. Multifaceted incorporation of physical, emotional, and mental elements of various schools of yoga is thus central to the wide range of yoga classes Gin offers. Hers are not just strip mall stretching sessions. From the basics, she expands in many directions to include vinyasa, yin, restorative, and guided meditation. She specializes in workshops that expand the mind while pleasantly challenging the body, connecting the two more fully. These are deliberately enjoyable and thought-provoking, integrations of yoga technique, yoga philosophy, and Western life. During 2017 her workshops include “Choice Yoga,” “Yoga of Falling,” “Riding the Waves of Shakti Creation,” and “The Necessity of Darkness: A Yin Workshop.” She offers this array of classes publicly, to private individuals and groups, as well as to special needs students. To any student, beginner to advanced, her approach is accessible and valuable. Gin does not tell you what you must do or think. She guides her students in finding their own balanced, centered paths through the world via a three dimensional yoga practice.

Yoga is Gin’s calling. Since she discovered the practice, she has pursued it with increasing devotion and fervor. Her deep repertoire is a result of an endless thirst for understanding and a broad training background. She has taught classes for 7 years. Simultaneously, she has digested countless books on the many facets of the tradition. In that time, she studied extensively with the highly respected Jennifer Lynn and Widsom Flow Yoga, earning her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certificate in 2011 and her 500 hour certificate in 2015. In addition, she has done advanced teacher training in hands on adjustments with Amy Ippoliti and 90 Monkeys. To maximize her own ability to reach all students, she has been certified in Yoga Education for the Autism Spectrum. She has also attended numerous selective specialized yoga and meditation conferences all over the world, including Divine Play by AcroYoga International, an acro yoga workshop and The Nature of Reality, a symposium featuring quantum physicist, Menas Kafatos, PhD and Sally Kempton, Gin’s favorite meditation teacher.

The diverse, integrated yoga Gin teaches reflects her unique, organic path. She arrived here after a lifetime of exploring the world, the body, and the mind. As she now transitions to teaching yoga full time, Gin draws upon and is informed by her diverse past and present endeavors. She was a gymnast for 14 years and coached for 8. She has taught horseback riding since her own childhood, and has been doing so therapeutically for children and adults with special needs for the past decade through PATH and Therapeutic Horsemanship of Hawaii. The arts are reflected in her yoga style after 12 years as a drum and bass DJ and promoter. She has recently trained with Pa Ola Hawaii, a traditional lomilomi school studying Hawaiian healing arts, which combines body work, energy work, talk therapy and bone setting for quick healing. In some form, she has been teaching for 26 years and has integrated numerous hands-on learning techniques into her yoga instruction. Woven through it all, is Gin’s enduring love for nature. Since childhood, it inspired her and led to her longtime career as a marine biologist for the Smithsonian Institution and the Reef Recovery Initiative working to conserve coral reefs. Though she has moved away from the lab life, having found her passion with yoga, but her pursuit will always be informed by the need for us to live harmoniously with the earth.

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  1. Hi, Gin:

    Thanks for a great class in Manoa.

    Also the notes are so helpful. I use it to practice.

    I would like to find out about the class that you might be doing in Kailua, keep me abreast of the time. Early evening is my preference.

    Enjoy the yogurt.

    Annie Lee


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