Aloha ‘aina!

I returned from my trip to Belize last Wednesday, and I am so happy to be back home on Oahu. The trip was to work on some endangered coral that were spawning there. Midway through our research, we were evacuated due to Tropical Storm Harvey and we only were able to salvage about 1/4 of what we needed to do. I was reminded of the importance of flexibility, both in life and in body having to stay flexible with our plans and also trying to keep flexible in our bodies as the sleeping quarters took a toll on some (the only yoga class I was able to teach was a brief class to help our leader, Dr. Mary Hagedorn and her husband stretch out their backs that were sore). I also was reminded of the importance of surrender, that moment where you realize that you’ve done all you can and now things are out of your hands, having to leave our coral larvae during the evacuation and wait and see how they would be when we returned.

I taught my regular Thursday Kaka’ako class last week and was so happy to see quite a few of my students. I hope to see more of you all this week and get back into the swing of things teaching yoga.

Aloha ‘aina!!! It’s great to be home!

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