Gin is Now in Virginia

Aloha everyone!

After traveling across the country for 3 months, I am now officially back in Virginia where I grew up. I thought I would never move back here, but you know what they say about saying never, so here I am.

Exalted Warrior on our dock at Smith Mountain Lake.
Exalted Warrior on our dock at Smith Mountain Lake.

My road trip was great. I had hoped to be online more, but I was enjoying the places and especially the people along the way and did not post as much as I had hoped. I got to see so many of my dear friends and family. It was amazing. If you get a chance to reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a long time, please do so. I highly recommend it.

I taught yoga workshops in 9 different cities during my trip. Each stop was its own unique experience. I enjoyed meeting all the studio owners and teachers, but especially the students. Every time I teach, I learn something new, and it was wonderful to travel the country and meet so many new students from so many places.

If I didn’t make it to you and you want me to visit to teach a workshop, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m still available to teach anywhere and happy to do so!

Right now, I am taking bookings for private yoga. I am available in both the Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia (including Moneta, Bedford, Rocky Mount and Roanoke) and the Richmond area, including surrounding counties. I am also taking bookings for lomilomi (Hawaiian bodywork and healing arts). Please email me at to schedule.

I will be back and forth between the farm I grew up on at Smith Mountain Lake and Richmond for the next few months, eventually hoping to set up in Richmond. I will still be back and forth a bit to see my parents and horses, as well as my clients here even after the move to Richmond.

In addition to teaching here, I have more online content planned. Yesterday I started #tadasanathursdayswithgin on Instagram. Every Thursday I will focus on alignment in a particular pose, recognizing that tadasana or mountain pose is the foundation for all our alignments in other poses. Other weekly social media posts will follow, including #meditationmondayswithgin among other things.

Join me for #tadasanathursdayswithgin on Instagram.
Join me for #tadasanathursdayswithgin on Instagram.

More to come soon!

I hope to see you all online or practice with you in person sometime soon. I cannot believe it is November already!