Workplace Yoga

To bring Yoga with Gin into your workplace for yoga and/or guided meditation, please contact Gin at or text or call 808-292-9637.

Consultation and discussion of your business’ and employees’ unique circumstances are always free. We can make yoga work for you and your employees, either by having yoga provided by your company or letting employees sign up on their own.

The benefits of yoga and meditation in the workplace are far-reaching. Large corporations such as Google, General Mills, and Goldman Sachs have been bringing yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in for their employees for years now.

You can read how Aetna’s CEO brought in yoga and transformed their company.

Less Stress

Less Pain
Yoga not only reduces back pain but can also reduce neck pain, shoulder pain and help with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lower Burnout Rates

Improved Sleep Quality

Increased Productivity

Increases Workplace Harmony

Boosts Workplace Morale

Improves Communication