Gin specializes in workshops in which she seamlessly combines in-depth discussion of alignment principles, yoga philosophy and practical application of both to our lives in our modern Western world. She is offering 4 special workshops throughout the country in 2017, but in addition, she is always happy to design a workshop specific to your needs or questions. Please e-mail with any questions or to book a workshop.

Please note, all workshops can be tailored to a very special private session for you or you and a group of friends.

2017 Schedule – All Locations – Available for Workshop Bookings, Private Yoga and Lomilomi Sessions
July 14th & 15th ~ Olive Yoga, Long Beach,

August ~ Drishti Yoga, Portland, OR
August 25 & 26th ~ Firefly Yoga and Wellness, Cody, WY
September 8th ~ Private group, Denver, CO
September 9th ~ Family Balance Yoga, Fort Collins, CO
September 23rd ~ Saddha Yoga, Buffalo, MN
October 1 ~ Private group, Madison, WI

2017 Special Workshop Descriptions

Choice Yoga
In Gin’s pinnacle workshop she will empower participants with the knowledge that you create your own reality through the choices you make. This workshop blends yoga philosophy with practical discussions of everyday life as well as strong alignment principles and a fun flow practice focused on core engagement, hip and shoulder flexibility and heart opening backbends. By understanding alignment physically and spiritually with Self and with the environment and the universe, we can all make more positive choices for ourselves and the world around us.

The Yoga of Falling
Often we are fearful of that which we do not understand. For many yoga practitioners going upside down is scary or maybe going upside down is ok, but only with a solid wall behind us. Gin has found that the reason a lot of people are scared to go upside down is because they don’t know what to do if something goes wrong. In this workshops, Gin will teach students how to fall down the right way so that they do not get hurt. In understanding this, Gin feels that the fear around inversions will fade away. This workshop focuses on falling techniques for handstand and headstand, as well as falling in general right side up. A fun flow is interspersed with partner and group work as well as discussion of falling and yoga philosophy. Whether you are a beginner completely new to inversions or a seasoned pro working in the middle of the room, learning to fall can benefit everyone.

Riding the Waves of Shakti Creation
Whether we realize it or not, life comes in waves. Understanding that and learning to ride those waves makes our lives go more smoothly and brings us more joy. In this workshop, Gin will discuss how we can learn to ride with grace and embrace the waves as they come through yoga philosophy, yoga mythology, and practical everyday life discussion. The physical practice in this workshop will feel like riding a wave, be tailored to the interests and bodies it the room with a lot of hip and heart opening. This is one of Gin’s favorite offerings as she loves riding the waves of Shakti in her own life.

The Necessity of Darkness – A Yin Workshop
A sweet, yummy yin offering, in this workshop Gin will guide yogis through a yin class, focused on stretching and changing connective tissues in the body. There will be guided meditation and discussion of yin yoga principles. The focus will be on learning to recognize emotions as our internal guidance system. Often we shy away from intense emotions, both those that our society might label “good” or “bad”, but really, those emotions especially have messages for us and it is important that we listen. When we put emotions away and don’t allow ourselves to feel them, they show up later in our lives, often as physical pain in the body. This workshop will show practitioners that often the darker times in our life are really the best times to plant seeds of desire and plan the directions in which we should go.